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For The BeBop Channel General Festival and Stock Award License Agreement


These FAQ’s Should be Read in Conjunction With our Festival Rules at


https://filmfreeway.com/TheBeBopChannelContentFestival  or


and view The BeBop Channel at https://www.beboptv.com/ 


If after reading the information contained here or in these FAQs you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also update these FAQs as new questions arise.


PLEASE remember that it may take up to 3 days to receive a reply. 




Most of the information that we can share with you at this time is located at the links above.


What is the Festival and Who Runs it?


The BeBop Channel Content Festival, in its first year, is produced by The BeBop Channel Corporation, the brainchild of jazz musician Gregory Charles Royal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_Charles_Royal and Sue Veres Royal https://www.huffpost.com/author/sue-veres-royal.  The channel, emanating from Harlem, New York is an exciting new platform that promotes multi-cultural programming and genres from all Peoples in the spirit of Bebop, the exciting music of the 1940’s. (And yes, The BeBop Channel does promote jazz programming!). In addition to promoting films,”BeBop” will also begin promoting theatre, fashion and other themed experiences.


Where Can I see The BeBop Channel?


Online at beboptv.com and soon to be on Spectrum Cable New York and other outlets to be announced in the coming months. Currently, select titles can also be viewed on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK  at https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/storefront/ref=atv_app_avd_vnt_plp_TDU1OU4?ie=UTF8&plpId=TDU1OU4


Festival Lodging/Visas/Transportation


The festival does not provide any of the above so participants are responsible for making their own way to New York.  If you do need a letter on Official letterhead for assistance with your travels we can provide that. We will provide a list of nearby Harlem accomodations in April. This date may prove too late for some and in that case we recommend you to seek arrangements at an earlier date. However, the June 4th thru 7th festival schedule will not be available before April 20, 2020.


Do We Need Tickets and is the Festival Free to Attend?


Although the festival is free to the public, it will require the public to obtain ticket reservations which will be made available in April


Filmmakers and their production crews will receive Name Tags and we will contact you in April regarding your guest lists (generally limited to 6).


Will My Film Screen?


All films will not screen at the festival but we will make the screening list and schedule available in April at the time of ticket reservations. However, a complete list of Official Selections (all films) will be distributed online beginning in a few weeks.


Do I Have to Attend the Festival for My Film to Screen?




Do I Have to Accept The Stock Award/Licence Agreement for My Film to Screen?




When and How Long Should My Film(s) Be Available for Download?


You should make your films available for download by us in your automatic settings if available as soon as practical. But do not worry, if we have an issue at the time of download (which could occur at anytime between February and April), we will contact you by email or via a download request in filmfreeway.. 


Award Winners and Categories


Will not be announced until April 20, 2020.


What Do I Receive That Shows That My Film Has Been Officially Selected?


Please download the laurel (Festival stamp) White or Black version at https://filmfreeway.com/laurels/51712/TheBeBopChannelContentFestival  to attach to your film or other materials. You do not receive an actual certificate except in the event your film wins an award. Also the Official Selection list will be posted online in a few weeks and in materials at the festival evidencing your Official selection



If I Decline the Stock Award (Discussed Below) Can My Film Still Screen?


YES- Your status as an Official Selection is not affected.




Downloading of Films Occurs in Two Categories

  1. Films to be Screened at the Festival

  2. Films participating in the Stock Award/Licensing Agreement


  1. Festival event films only need to be downloaded by us if they are selected for screening at the festival. If your film is selected for screening we will attempt to download your film(s) and if we experience an issue we will contact you. The decision to screen your film can be made at anytime between February and April. In rare circumstances, a screening film might  need to be re-downloaded up until the festival in June. 


   2. All Licensed films need to be downloaded and can occur at anytime between February and April. We will attempt to download your film(s) and if we experience an issue we will contact you.  In rare circumstances, a licensed film might need to be re-downloaded and might occur as late as June. 


How will My Film(s) be Shown?


Films will be Shown, Projected, Streamed or Broadcast in Two Ways


  1. Projected at the festival only

   2. Licensed on The BeBop Channel to Stream or Broadcast on any of its platforms, including its website, cable channel(s) or digital platform.


Why Did The Festival Not Accept YouTube Submissions or Downloads?


There were a few reasons. First, the resolution/quality of films on YouTube are not the best. Second, if the film was already on YouTube at the submission stage, there could potentially be delays and other problems trying to get filmmakers to re-upload their projects at the highest quality on other platforms to meet our deadlines. Third, we believe it cheapens our brand to have films we feature easily available on public YouTube accounts.




Do I Have To Pay to Have My Film(s) Shown?


NO. If you participate in the Licensing Agreement we pay you in the form of stock grants (explained below) nor do you pay to have your film screened at the festival.


Will The BeBop Channel Show My Films Free to the Public?


YES and NO.  Currently we do not charge the public to view our content. There may be circumstances in the future and prior to the expiration of your license agreement that we may decide to charge subscribers to the channel or a distributor on either our website or a cable or digital system.


Can I Show My Film On Other Platforms?


YES. Our license agreement is non-exclusive, meaning that at the same time your film may be running on The BeBop Channel you may elect to show it on other platforms of your choosing.


The exception to this would be on a free public YouTube account. However you could run clips and trailers on a free public YouTube account.  Also if your YouTube account required a login from the public that would be acceptable.


Will My Film Be Distributed?


YES.  By allowing your film to be licensed by us and shown on our platforms is the definition of your film being distributed.  You are also free to make other distribution deals on your own.

YES.  By allowing your film to be licensed by us and shown on our platforms is the definition of your film being distributed.  You are also free to make other distribution deals on your own.






What is This Stock Award?


One of the things we are most proud of at The BeBop Channel is being able to offer filmmakers meaningful compensation for their work. 


In consideration (payment) for allowing us to license your film, we are granting you a certain amount of shares of our company common stock. The law requires that by receiving shares in this manner we must hold them for a one year period (called vesting) before issuing them to you. This is also called restricted stock. After one year, we will register your shares and depending upon if we are public or private at that time of vesting will determine the method by which you can sell or continue to hold your shares of stock. We can help guide you to some degree as the time comes nearer but you should consult with an experienced professional as we cannot give you investment advice.


If I ACCEPT the License Agreement Do I Have to Sign or Mail Back a Hard Copy?


NO. The agreement is written so you do not have to take any action and it is accepted automatically. Many filmmakers nonetheless write a return email stating “I accept the agreement” and you are welcome to do so if you choose.


If I Wish to DECLINE the License Agreement  Do I Have to Sign or Mail Back a Hard Copy


You are asked to write back by return email I DECLINE. However, you do not need to send in a hard copy and on February 3, 2020, we will send a confirmation to each filmmaker who has declined. If you do not receive a decline confirmation on February 3, please let us know so we can correct your file. There is no need to contact us before February 3rd.


Do I Have to Pay for the Stocks?


NO. They are paid to you in exchange for limited rights to your film(s).


Can I Receive Stocks as a non-US Citizen?


The short answer is YES. Remember you do not receive the stocks until they vest (mature) in 2021, one year after this agreement takes effect.  If you live in a country subject to US sanctions there may be restrictions in the future after the stocks are ready to be delivered. In that event there are still legal options including but not limited to us holding the stocks until such time as the sanctions are lifted, the type of sanctions imposed may not apply to you as a filmmaker, or you reside in another country. You should consult with an attorney and not take our statements as legal advice. If you are a foreign citizen from a country not subject to sanctions, there is no prohibition for you to own US stocks that we are aware of.


Where Can I Sell The Stocks?


Ultimately, US stocks must be sold through a broker or other method inside the US. Again,We can help guide you to some degree as the time comes nearer but you should consult with an experienced professional as we cannot give you investment advice.


How Much are the Stocks Worth Now and How Much Can I Sell Them For Later?


To answer the second question first, just like any stock. The price is based upon what the marketplace sets the price on the day you wish to sell. The answer to the first question is that a set value has not been placed upon the stock because it has not yet traded in the public market. Our Board of Directors in the current private stock offering to New York State residents  sets the price at $5 per share. This price may or may not reflect the price when the stock enters the public markets. Please read our Private Placement Memorandum at https://www.beboptv.com/investnow  for more information on that topic.


(If You are Already in Agreement With Your Participation in the Festival, Please Disregard this Message.)  This communication will also be added to the FAQ Page for future reference at https://www.beboptv.com/official-selectons-faq

Good morning!  

We wanted to clarify a point of confusion expressed by some filmmakers regarding their film's screening at the festival, the downloading of those films, and notification dates.

Below, please find a calendar of next steps and responses to questions that we have received:
February 1st - Deadline to Withdraw from the Festival (There is no actual date of Withdrawal in the festival rules, but we have added this date to accommodate filmmakers.)
February 1st - Deadline to Decline Stock Award Agreement  (We will send out confirmations to those filmmakers who have declined the Stock Award Agreement on February 3rd and allow for any mistaken films to have their statuses updated.)
Mid-February - Publication of Officially Selected Festival Films
February-April  Download process for all licensed films and films to be screened at the June festival
April 20th - Notification to Filmmakers if film(s) will be screened at June Festival

"Official Selection" for our festival means all films accepted into the festival which may or may not actually be shown (screen) at the June festival. Most filmmakers have accepted our licensing agreements to show their films on The BeBop Channel, all of these films will be under consideration to be screened at the June festival.  A few filmmakers have declined the licensing agreement to show their films on The BeBop Channel, but their films are still under consideration to screen at the June Festival; filmmakers who declined the licensing agreement to show their films on The BeBop Channel, and whose film does not get selected to be shown at the June festival still retain the status of being an "Official Selection" and may use that honor to further the promotion of their films. 

1) All Official Selections  -- meaning YOUR film if you are receiving this message -- will not automatically be shown at the actual festival in June.  Some have expressed concern that if their film is not chosen to be shown (screened) in June they would like to withdraw from the festival.

Please understand that we will be publishing our "Official Selections" list in February but will not announce which of those films will be screened at the June festival until April 20th.  If this timeline does not work for a filmmaker (including if you need to know if your film will screen before committing to our festival process),  then you must email us "I Withdraw" by February 1, 2020 so that we can accommodate your request, as the entire "Official Selections" list will be published in mid-February and cannot be changed. Again, there is no actual date of Withdrawal in the festival rules, but we have added this date to accommodate filmmakers.

2) No Unlicensed films even if they screen will be shown on The BeBop Channel and platforms (Thus if you "Declined" the Stock Award/Licencing Agreement, your film will not be shown on The BeBop Channel). This Does NOT include promotional cilps from screening films in the festival used for promotional purposes as per the festival terms. 

3) All Official Selections with Stock Award/Licensing Agreements films WILL be downloaded and shown on the The BeBop Channel until December 2023.

4) The list of films being screened at the June festival will be released no later than April 20, 2020.  

5) If you require the festival to delay publication of your film as an Official Selection due to another pending festival, contractual arrangement or any other reason unfortunately, we cannot accommodate your request.

If the terms and dates etc., do not work for you, we have added a date of February 1, 2020 for you to withdraw your film from the festival and we wish you the utmost of success for your film going forward.

The BeBop Channel Content Festival


We will update this FAQ each Thursday if we receive questions that warrant adding to the information already provided and we hope this information can help you and your planners make a decision by of February 1, 2020 deadline to move forward with categorizing your film(s)




Sue Veres Royal


The BeBop Channel

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