About BeBop

"The 2023 project"

The BeBop Channel is a developing Global City for Film, Jazz, Theatre and Dance, that we expect to reach its full blossom by 2023.

Consisting of four main components: 1) television channel; 2) communications platform to connect artists to other artists and fans; 3) Theatre-Dance-Jazz performances, Festivals and Themed Experiences; 4)  stock offerings; and 5) member commerce.  BeBop provides a place for artists and fans to engage with one another across disciplines in a manner unique to the internet and the world.


Right now on BeBop TV (available on several apps and SmartTV)  you can view hundreds of films from our young and up-and-coming filmmakers representing every background and culture around the world, including Jazz. These filmmakers tell their incredible stories showing that we all share a common humanity. Viewers and filmmakers can communicate with one another in our Members Area on our website for free as "Artistry Knows No Borders"!

Developing now, we are opening the above platforms to the other disciplines of Jazz, Theatre and Dance. Organizations will distribute their messages in our Global City and produce television programming, inviting direct communication with members.


In addition to the above offerings, we are developing experiences including, The BeBop Channel Content Festival, The BeBop Channel International Theatre Festival , The BeBop Channel International Dance Festival, Seasonal Themed Experiences (costumed, music, immersive) including The 60´s Fest , The 40´s - 50´s Jazz Fest, and a Global Soul Food Fest. Lastly, The BeBop Club (tix, passes, and merchant deals) is being developed to connect commerce to the overall experience of our members.


The BeBop Channel is working on plans to become a publicly traded company within the next 24 months.

We welcome you all on this journey!


Sue Veres Royal and Gregory Charles Royal

Founders, The BeBop Channel Corporation 

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