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About BeBop

Who We Are


The BeBop Channel is a Global City of artists and arts patrons from around the world – from Helsinki to Harlem, from Tehran to Topeka -- who exchange ideas, push artistic boundaries, and interact with one another while profiting as stakeholders in the distribution of artistic works. Anyone is welcome in this City as long as you believe that preserving the arts is not good enough.  Our goal is to popularize the high arts including Jazz, Theatre, Dance, and Global Films once again and allow artists to directly share their work with the audience through streaming, online community interactions, and in-person festivals.


The BeBop Channel was the brainchild of renowned Jazz trombonist Gregory Charles Royal who watched as America’s one true original art form, a musical genre that originated in slavery and segregation and was once America’s most popular music, became siloed in small Jazz clubs, public television and academia.  He feared it was becoming an art form to be studied instead of performed and enjoyed by the masses. Believing that Theatre and Dance worlds were experiencing a similar fate – and believing in the strength of community – he founded The BeBop Channel Corporation with his wife, non-profit executive, Sue Veres Royal, and veteran journalist and DC events impresario, Steve Clemons.


Read about the history of The BeBop Channel here. 


What We Do

The BeBop Channel consists of four main components: 1) television channel; 2) communications platform to connect artists to other artists and fans; 3) Live Theatre-Dance-Jazz performances, Festivals and Themed Experiences; and 4) stock offerings. 


Right now on BeBop TV (available on several apps and SmartTV) you can view hundreds of films from our young and up-and-coming filmmakers representing every background and culture around the world, including Jazz. These filmmakers tell their incredible stories showing that we all share a common humanity. Viewers and filmmakers can communicate with one another in our Members Area on our website for free as "Artistry Knows No Borders"!

We are also excited to announce our first theatrical event running Off-Broadway!


The BeBop Channel   is now a publicly traded company (OTC Pink:BBOP)

We welcome you all on this journey!


Key Executives:
Gregory Charles Royal -  Interim Chief Executive Officer, Artistic Director
Sue Veres Royal - Chief Operating Officer

Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio in G Minor
The Prague Baroque Orchestra
Conducted By Trevor Pinnock

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