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You can follow Marist's football journey via his X (Twitter) Page at @MaristVRoyal

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Giant Steps actor Marist Veres Royal has big plans for an NFL career. Read how he plans to transform himself from the ornery little boy we know onscreen to a top athlete.

Marist Veres Royal
Age: 12 (June 14, 2009)

Pos: ATH - OL/TE/FB/LB/Special Situation Passer

Size: 5'7" 175 lbs as of March 2022 (Projected to 6'5" 290 lbs Senior Year*)

GPA: 3.8

Fall 2022 incoming freshman at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ.
One of the Top 2 football programs in New Jersey.


An Offensive Lineman who can run precise routes at Tight End, be a legit
short yardage/3rd down Back and tough Inside Linebacker.


1. Training Based on Size Projection

Trains for the size and skill set he is projected to be, not where is is now. See chart below:
Using the Bone Age method -- growing at a rate of 3 inches per year for the past three years.
Training includes toggling between OL (hands and bend), TE (routes and catching), FB, Passing, and ILB.

2. High School Development

Early enrollment at Don Bosco Prep. Marist accelerated 6th grade to graduate 8th grade at age 12.
Instead of playing 13U Youth Football, he will be ahead of his peers learning the high school system, film study, coaching, competing against older players while adjusting to high school academics.

3. Diet

Weight gain is taken as seriously as training. He carries an extra 7lbs to “catch” any surprise growth spurts. He averages 3 inches and 30 to 40 lbs per year.

4. Weight Training

He trains with moderate weights on large muscle groups as not to put growth plates at risk, focusing on incline bench, cleaning technique and shoulder extensions. 


Marist pose_edited_edited.png
Marist Veres Royal at Don Bosco

Marist Veres Royal Size Projections based on Bone Age

Marist Growth Projections.jpg

Marist's bone age xray of 12.5 years (below) confirms his current size is not a result of early puberty and means that he has at least 3.5 more years of growth from 5'7" 175lbs to between 6'5" and 6'7" and an estimated 290-300 lbs (based on 10 pounds per inch).
(Try your own bone age analysis by clicking the Handbook.)

Marist Bone Age November 2021.PNG

Final Height of 6'7"
Based on Age of 12.5 and Bone age of 12

(1.03 x 167.64)+(-3.4 x 12.5) + (-3.2 x BA) + 109 =

(172.6692) - (42.5) - (38.4 Bone age of 12) + 109= 200.7692 cm
79.043 inches  6ft 7 inches

Final Height of 6'5" 3/4
Based on Age of 12.5 and Bone age of 13

(1.03 x 167.64)+(-3.4 x 12.5) + (-3.2 x BA) + 109 =

(172.6692) - (42.5) - (41.6 Bone age of 13) + 109= 197.5692cm
77.783 inches  6ft 5 3/4 inches

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