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The BeBop Club

Join our Marketplace

Dear BeBop Content Creator:


BeBop invites you to join our marketplace to sell your offerings and reward your existing supporters.  We will compensate you up to $1,000 USD to onboard with us at the rate of $0.20 per supporter integration. Your designated supporters will receive, at no charge to them, one of your digital or physical products, services, or event tickets we send them, on your behalf, as a gift - a thank you - from you, the artist!

In addition, all of your supporters automatically become BeBop Club Members and will receive $10,500 BeBop Bucs that they may use toward purchases of Arts products in the BeBop Marketplace.

Our program offers you an upfront cash payment of $0.20 USD for each of the supporters you submit to us - include their name, email address and country (up to 5,000 supporters).

The Marketplace is set to open on November 1, 2021. Please review our Marketplace description and Merchant Agreement. 

What is the BeBop Club Marketplace?

A Marketplace launching this Holiday Season for members of BeBop.  BeBop is a Global City for Artists and their Fans from Harlem to Helsinki, from Tehran to Topeka.  BeBop includes our Film/TV platform – The BeBop Channel (, our Marketplace, performances and events, such as, festivals in the areas of Film, Dance, Jazz, and Theatre, and stock offerings.

Marketplace Purpose

Join our community, expand your reach and reach our community -- BeBop has a niche global audience of thousands of artists and Arts supporters!  As we launch, we have curated a select group of small businesses, services and artists that we feel fit well within the Global mission of BeBop and who we will feature on our Marketplace.

How it Works

Just send us your supporters list (name, email, country) and the digital file of the arts product/service that you wish to include as gifts to your supporters to the Marketplace (album, dance lesson, book, subscription to theatre seasons, etc.) and we will pay you $0.20 USD per supporter integration (each person on your list) - up to $1,000 USD for 5,000 supporters. You can send supporters lists as you compile them, so you do not have to send them all at once. You must also designate which of your supporters you wish to receive your gift, otherwise the gift  (digital download or coupon etc.) will go out to your entire list.

The new members (including you, the Merchant) receive $10,500 BeBop Bucs to spend in the Marketplace on eligible Arts products and services from around the world.  Once your gift has been issued to your designated supporters, your products/services are marketed to our niche audience and linked to your platform for cash purchases by all members. This includes an option for you to accept BeBop Bucs for discounts up to 100%, if you so choose.

Additionally, Merchants receive an equal credit of BeBop Bucs used to purchase their products. 

To Onboard With Us

1. Review and Accept the Merchant Agreement.

2. Send your initial list of supporters (the process is open-ended so you can send more at a later time). Designate which supporters should receive the gifted product or service. 

3. Send your digital product or clear description of the service (You can email us your files or provide a link for us to retrieve them).

(If you are providing a physical product or in-person service or event, provide all of the information we need to send to your supporters for them to collect their gift. You can send a downloadable coupon, general admission ticket or invitation)

4. Receive upfront payment.

5. Provide the URL link for your product/service or event and purchase page on your platform, along with a picture and one-sentence description that we can use for marketing your product/service.

6. Provide the listed Retail Price and any BeBop Bucs discount dollar amount or percentage your wish to offer for your product on your platform. 1 BeBop Buc = $1 US

NOTE: If you wish to offer a 100% BeBop Buc discounts of a specific quantity (Great for promotion and exposure to our members), we will sell them directly on the Marketplace. Any sales involving cash sales are directed to your platform. BeBop does NOT take any marketing or processing fee.




Note: You will receive a Marketplace logo and direct link to your product prior to the November 1, 2021 launch to share with your supporters. Gifts are issued beginning November 1, 2021.





THIS AGREEMENT, made as of August 29, 2021 (the “Date of Agreement”), between The BeBop Channel Corporation, a New York corporation also operating as The BeBop Club Marketplace (the “Company”) and  You (the “MERCHANT”).


1. Consideration


Company agrees to pay Merchant, for the purpose of integrating Merchant’s supporters into The BeBop Club and Merchant’s select limited inventory into The BeBop Club Marketplace as follows:

$0.20 USD  per supporter (up to $1,000USD for 5,000 supporters) which shall include the supporter’s name, email address and country delivered to


Digital file of Merchant’s  product/service or event listed at the bottom of this agreement to distribute downloads to service Merchant's designated supporters and any additional 100% discounted quantities.


Example 1: BeBop will pay Merchant $100 USD if Merchant submits 500 of its supporters to The BeBop Club plus one digital file for Merchant’s digital virtual dance lesson series for which Merchant designates 100 gifts to supporters and 400 100% discounts to BeBop Club members. Merchant then continues to sell for cash, from Merchant's own platform, which is linked from the BeBop Marketplace.



Example 2: BeBop will pay Merchant $500 USD if Merchant submits 2,500 of its supporters to The BeBop Club plus one digital file for Merchant’s digital virtual dance lesson series for which Merchant designates 46 gifts to supporters and zero 100% discounts to BeBop Club members. Merchant then continues to sell for cash, from Merchant's own platform, which is linked from the BeBop Marketplace.  Merchant offers a $10 OFF and a 30% discount to BeBop Club members, this discount would all take place on Merchant's own site.

NOTE: Merchant may submit supporters on an open-ended basis, up to 5,000 total BeBop Club member integrations, associated with the same digital product/service file.



2. Additional Consideration to Merchant’s Customers and Merchant


Company, by way of the BeBop Club, shall issue Merchant’s Supporters $10,500 BeBop Bucs which are $1US=1Buc to their Club account that they may use toward the purchase of all eligible products in the Marketplace.


Merchant’s shall also receive $10,500 BeBop Bucs which are $1US= 1Buc to their member account which they may use toward the purchase of all eligible products in the Marketplace.


Merchants shall also receive in their member account the amount of BeBop Bucs used by customers who acquired their products, in whole or in part, in the store.



3. Terms of Payment:

Payment shall be forwarded within 5 business days of receipt of materials under this agreement and on the 1st of each month thereafter for each month Merchant submits supporter integrations by check or PayPal.

Minimum payment issued shall be $50USD equalling a combined total of 250 supporters for each tranche of payments.



4. Product/Service/Event Description



Listed Below


Number of Supporter Integrations to Begin:

Listed Below




5. Definitions


A Single Digital Download shall be defined as a unique product accessed and downloaded by a single customer, which may be accessed by that single customer up to three times (to allow for technical issues with a customer’s download).

A Supporter Integration shall be defined as a line item including the first and last name, email and country of a Merchant’s supporter submitted for membership into the BeBop Club.



6. Product Requirements

Merchant agrees to provide Company with the following elements for the product to be offered in the Marketplace.  Files can be emailed or can be provided by a link for us to retrieve them.


1. Digital File or Files if part of the unique product. (File size limits may apply.)  

2. UPC EAN or ISBN number if the product possesses one.

3. Full description of product to be displayed in the Marketplace. 

4. SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of the product. 

5. Graphic or Photograph representing the product. 

6. Contact information for the Company (not to be made public).

7. Contact information for customers (to be made public).

8, List of Designated Supporters to receive gifted product or service. which can be color coded on the master list.

9. Number of 100% BeBop Buc Discounted items to be made available in the Marketplace, if any.

10. Type and amount of BeBop Discount made available on Merchant Website, if known. (dollar or percentage amount)


Email: 25MB limit per email.




7. Suitability of Merchant Product

Company, in its sole discretion, shall determine if Merchant’s submitted product is suitable for publishing in the Marketplace--due to video or audio quality or content. If an issue arises, Company will attempt to have Merchant submit an alternative product or revision. Company’s ultimate inability to secure a suitable product from Merchant shall not affect the current payment of a customer/supporter integration list at the per customer price set herein.

Company can, however, terminate further submissions of integration lists if a suitable product is not secured.

8. Collection of Taxes


Taxes will not be collected on the BeBop Marketplace as no cash is collected for Merchant products. Merchant agrees that all cash sales, including those in combination with BeBop Bucs will occur outside of the BeBop Marketplace and are the sole responsibility of Merchant.



9.  Modification of Agreement


This Agreement may be modified, amended, suspended or terminated, and any terms or conditions may be waived, but only by a written instrument executed by the parties hereto.



 10. Governing Law


The validity, interpretation, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of The United States of America in the State of New York without giving effect to the conflicts of laws principles thereof.



11. Counterparts


This Agreement may be executed simultaneously in two or more counterparts, each of which shall constitute an original, but all of which taken together shall constitute one and the same agreement.




/s/Gregory Charles Royal


Gregory Charles Royal

SVP, The BeBop Channel Corporation


Merchant Acceptance

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you shortly

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