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Football in North Jersey is a phenomenon known around the country as it boasts one of the most condensed areas for high school football programs in the nation. There are so many players who after high school and even after college, have never fallen out of love with the game or never lost their ability to still play the game. And for some, due to many circumstances, the delay in their quest to pursue college football and perhaps the pros, has been difficult as there are limited opportunities to even play if not currently in college. The NBCFL aims to provide all of these players with a platform to continue their football journeys and take advantage of the immense talent right here in their neighborhoods, and perhaps stir up some old rivalries in the process!   



Version 1.0 January 5, 2024



The North Bergen County Football League (NBCFL) is an amateur adult (18+) tackle football league. The league consists of four teams: The Nomads, The (BF) Buffalo Soldiers, The Cyclones and The 17 Fleet  (NBCFL) that play a three game schedule plus a Championship Game –7 unique contests – during the Spring between May and June at a home field in North Bergen County to be announced soon. Teams are open to players who reside or work in the assigned town boundaries and there will also be a Supplemental Draft for players regionwide to fill out rosters.


Following the Regular Season, the league teams shall have the option to consolidate as an NBC All-Star Team to compete in contests with other leagues in the late summer and fall.


Eligibility: Age, Residency, and Supplemental Draft


Players must be at least 18 years of age, reside or work in the town (or geographic boundary) of each team set forth below. There will be an additional Supplemental Draft held in Upper Saddle River March where each team may select up to 15 additional players who have chosen to enter their names and who may reside from anywhere.




Northern Highlands (Allendale, Upper Saddle River, Ho-Ho-Kus, Saddle River)


(BF) Buffalo Soldiers

Mahwah, Paramus  




Montvale, Waldwick Hillsdale 


17 Fleet

Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Wyckoff

Additional Eligibility Requirements: Personal Insurance, Waiver


All players will be required to provide their own health insurance and must sign a waiver of liability from the league. 


College Eligibility


The NBCFL is an amateur athletic league and players do not receive payment to perform on the field – even though the athletes will play on a high level and may hold personal NIL deals.  This is our best effort to help ensure that athletes who plan to continue college or have interrupted college, do not jeopardize their college eligibility status. 


 NOTE : Please check with your institution regarding amateur athletic league participation which could be confused by some players with NIL payments, which is not, at this time, considered by the NCAA as payment to perform on the field, i.e. professional or semi-professional status vs. amateur status receiving NIL income..


Cost and Expenses


Players do not pay a fee to play in the league however, players are responsible for their own equipment and sanctioned uniforms that teams will instruct players with further details regarding team ordering.. The league supplies helmet decals, game facilities, officials, announcers, broadcast services and contracts food vendors.


Coaches and Staff


NBCFL is a volunteer league and has open opportunities for coaches to sign on and put together teams. League coaches will meet as a collective at times prior to the season to agree on certain aspects of how the games will be played, including certain rules.



NBCFL teams are trade names of BeBop Sports, who will be producing and broadcasting the games free to the public on The BeBop Network available on SmartTV Apps such as Roku, AppleTV, AmazonFire and WebApp for computers and mobile devices. Therefore, teams do not pay fees or expenses to the league.  However, teams are able to organize and obtain individual sponsors to benefit their own internal functions.

This Handbook will be frequently updated to provide additional information over the coming weeks.


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