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Boys, Music, & Chaos Season One  10 Episodes
These Guys are Wild! Four young, broke musicians try their best to fix their dysfunctional household while dreaming of being stars. Directed by Desmond Chase Feldman.

Giant Steps (Pilot) April Fools Jazz Part 1 00:22:27 
Mickey, Manny and Chuckie face eviction. An angel throws them an April Fools Day lifeline, but not if Brent has anything to do with it. (Chuckie is a different character in the Pilot episodes.)

Giant Steps EP 1 Strange Bedfellows 00:20:13 
Mickey, Manny, and Icewater try to convince Chuck to go all in with a new jazz club in Harlem. Chuck has 88 problems and the club is all but one. Dr. Jeff and Mickey re-unite after a mysterious years long fallout and confront Mickey's death obsession.

Giant Steps EP 2 No Respect 00:24:49 
Kim is confronted with discrimination in jazz education while working at the Jazz Elders Foundation. Big Daddy reams Manny for booking two singers at the same time and Mickey gets no respect in the movie business.

NYJFF Sign.jpg

Bebop (United States)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2017 Official Selection. On their first evening of rehearsals in 1953, jazz newcomer Charles Mingus confronts bandleaders Charlie Parker and Bud Powell about their destructive lifestyles. Director by David Liu. 2017.

New York Jazz Film Festival 2019 Best Narrative Short. When a desperate woman attempts to save her grandfather’s insolvent Harlem jazz nightclub, she has a few hours to convince her rigid elder to accept a realtor’s briefcase with mounds of cash in exchange for his nightclub. But, as time runs out, he struggles to let go. With only a few seconds left, she is faced with a choice between legacy and money. Directed by Nadhege Ptah. 2018.

World's Not For Me (United States)
The BeBop Channel New York Jazz Film Festival Landmark Film for 2016. A jazz musician wakes up from a near 30 year coma to find a world he once knew is gone on every level - musically, culturally and economically. Featuring the music of then 17 year old trombonist and Art Blakey alum Gregory Charles Royal from the 1979 release Dream Come True with Geri Allen. Stars sons Marist and Tanner Maret. Directed by Henry Joseph. 2016.

2018 New York Jazz Film Festival Best Film. After his long awaited big break, Lonnie Johnson, a talented saxophonist, must choose between new found love in New York and a move to Los Angeles for his career. Stars jazz saxophonist Beavin Lawrence. Directed by Andre' Joseph. 2018.

Trio-trio (a music documentary) (Norway)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2016 Official Selection. The film was the director's bachelor thesis in Norway documenting the process and challenges of finding musicians who are complete strangers to form a trio to make an album of the music they created.  Director: Liew Ceng Teng. 2016.

Echo Park Blues (United States)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2017 Best Narrative Short. Echo Park Blues is the story of a washed up jazzer, saxophonist Teddy Bender, who has written the song of his life--if only someone would listen, as he takes one last swing at success, at redemption, at love. Director by Michael Bofshever. * Stars Paula Jai Parker from the hit movie Fridays. 2017.

Manhattan Montage (United States)
A music video by Las Vegas filmmaker R. Christian Anderson, who directed and edited this mosaic of images and film clips by New York photographer Miriam Danar. The music is an original score by composer and arranger Pat Thomi. A portrait of New York City, which is more than just a place, it's a culture, a style, a vision, a way of life. Winner of "Top Music Video" at the New York Jazz Film Festival in August 2017. Directed by R. Christian Anderson. 2017.

The Sound of Selflessness (United States)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2018 Official Selection. An introspective look into the unique approach and insights of avant-garde jazz saxophonist and composer John O'Gallagher. Directed by Nelson Salis. 2018.

The Stars of American Jazz in Astana (Kazakhstan)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2018 Official Selection. This film celebrates the burgeoning jazz scene for American artists such as Billy Cobham and Marcus Miller in Astana, Kazakhstan. Director: Director by Arsene Bayanov and General Producer Askar Alimzhanov. 2018.

TROMBONE MAGIC (United States)
New York Jazz Film Festival 2021 Official Selection. When David figures out the source of the music that is playing inside his head, he comes to a deeper understanding of himself. Directed by Jason H. Kim. 2021

Billy Bang Long Over Due (United States)
New York Jazz Film Festival Best Traditional Documentary Based On A Jazz Musician 2019. A collection of archival photographs, videos, and the interview technique with the jazz luminaries of the time, to describe who the innovative violinist Billy Bang was and how he affected the musicians of his world. Directed by Oscar Sanders. 2011.

New York Jazz Diaries Chapter 1 Khalid Hill
Chapter 1 looks at Khalid Hill, a once world-touring tap dancer who struggles with the realities of sacrificing his career to raise a family.



As Some Understand Slowness (United States)
Director: Megan Chu Run Time: 7:40

Contain (United States)
Director: Dani Maloney Dance Company Run Time: 32:39 

Forest of Sorrows (United States)
Director: Dustin Morrow Run Time: 4:02 

The Time is Now (United States)
Director: Limón Dance Company Run Time: 18:00 

The Wonder Years (United States)
Director: James Morrow Run Time: 9:43 

VERSO (Canada)
Director: Audrey BergeronRun Time: 48:58  

MAKENA (Kenya)
Director: Steve Mutero Run Time: 8:31 

Another me in the World (China)
Director: Yiming Fan Run Time: 3:23 

Bad Feeling (French Polynesia)
Director: Nyko PK16 Run Time: 3:51 

BubbleGum (Australia)
Director: Ryan Renshaw Run Time: 3:00 


Happy Ending (Australia)
Director: Ryan Renshaw Run Time: 4:00 

The Leaving Room (China)
Director: Aly Rose Run Time: 14:15 

“Great Joy Overflowing our Hearts” (Hunger) (Bulgaria)
Director: Alexander Tomov Run Time: 20:00 

Bória (Poland)
Director: Regina Lissowska Run Time: 9:24 

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please. (Estonia)
Director: Prem Jyothis Chonar Run Time: 5:59 


At the Limit of Feelings (Russian Federation)
Director: Liudmila Komrakova Run Time: 10:00 

The Sanctum (Armenia)
Director: Hayk Paytyan Run Time: 2:25 

The Stop (Russian Federation)
Director: Liudmila Komrakova Run Time: 4:57


A Few Drops of Lemon (Netherlands)
Director: Ljulia Huizinga
Run Time: 12:36 

Afecto (Italy)Director: Ana Cavazzana Run Time: 4:05​ 

Caught in Plastic (Germany)
Director: Mats Willems Run Time: 1:11 

Climatic Migration (Spain)
Director: Marianela Diaz Roman Run Time: 11:00


Covid Horizons #2 (France)
Director: Stephanie de Stel Run Time: 3:54 

Dance of the Shadows (Greece)
Director: Vangelis Papaevangeliou Run Time: 2:11 

Dante Sonata (United Kingdom)
Director: Sally Sparrow Run Time: 18:30 

Earlier than the Birds (France)
Director: Leondro Navall Run Time: 6:37  

Hactor in a Straight Line (Hathor em linha recta) (Portugal)
Director: Ana Cavazzana Run Time: 15:28​ 

Kiss and Cry (United Kingdom)
Director: Elias Michael Run Time: 4:00 Not on Channel​ 

Memory (United Kingdom)
Director: Andrea Palaaez Run Time: 9:00 

Occurrences of Questionable Significance (Germany)
Director: Dave Lojek Run Time: 9:00 

Overthinking (Spain)
Director: Mario Glez Run Time: 5:00 

Speedy Spider (Netherlands)
Director: Paula Alvalá Run Time: 1:00 

The Wheel (Germany)
Director: Daniela Lucato Run Time: 8:50 

The Wild Sphere Ritual (France)
Director: Mayelle Run Time: 2:52 

Tripolar (Spain)
Director: Cristina Hall Run Time: 8:40 

Umbra (Greece)
Director: Vangelis Papaevangeliou Run Time: 3:20 

Vieni (Come) (Germany)
Director: Daniela Lucato Run Time: 2:59

Virgins (Italy)
Director: Camiel Zwart Run Time: 5:00 

ZAAM (Netherlands)
Director: Ischa Heijnen Run Time: 15:15

Director: Felipe Bittencourt Run Time: 2:00 

entre ojos (Mexico)
Director: Stephanie Sherman Run Time: 6:16 

Experiment #1 (Brazil)
Director: Christian Schneider Run Time: 2:00 

Experiment #2 (Brazil)
Director: Christian Schneider Run Time: 2:00 

In the Other Side of the Reverse (Chile)
Director: Franco Oviedo Maldonado Run Time: 4:48 

Director: Leandro Navall Run Time: 6:28 

MAMA (Argentina)
Director: Leandro Navall Run Time: 5:15 

Director: Daniel Guevara Run Time: 8:00 

Odds (Argentina)
Director: Leandro Navall Run Time: 5:50 

Soul River and Black Memories (Brazil)
Director: Thaynara Rezende Run Time: 20:00 

The Infinite Ninth (Mexico)
Director: Jazim Meza Run Time: 1:00:44 

U M B R A L  (Mexico)
Director: Mayra Avalos Run Time: 5:13

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