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This Offering is not currently available.

Regulation A Tier 1 Offering Qualified by the SEC October 26, 2020

INVESTOR ALERT: Veteran Journalist Steve Clemons has been appointed to the Board of Directors and named CEO effective November 6, 2020.


The BeBop Channel Corporation is proud to announce the Offering of  900,000 Shares of Common Stock at $1.00 per share. You can join our Global City of over 700 shareholders in this exciting and growing platform for artists in Film, Jazz, Dance, and Theatre!


From Helsinki to Harlem, from Tehran to Topeka, artists from over 85 countries tell their stories here on The BeBop Channel through our streaming platforms, internet community and festivals.

These shares are being offered for the primary purpose of expanding our streaming and festival platforms. We can already be seen on many of the major apps such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, IOS and Android and we are expanding our bandwidth with this Offering to allow for increased viewership. We are also embarking on our festival development to bring our live performing artists and themed events to hotels across America.

Subscribe to our Offering. It's Easy!

1) Read the Offering Documents located at the SEC site here or at the bottom of the page.


2) Read, Print and Sign your Subscription Agreement below and email back to

3) Pay for your Shares by check or money order payable to: The BeBop Channel Corporation c/o Susan Veres 178 Columbus Ave. P.O. Box 231143 New York, NY 10023. You may also pay by PayPal or credit card below. 

NOTE: All subscribers of 1,000 shares or more will receive a complimentary Room Package at the BeBop Hotel Festival in August 2021.  Once we process your subscription, we will send you instructions on how to accept your gift.

Important to Consider Before Subscribing:

Investments carry risk and as with any investment, you could lose money. Do not invest in us, or with any company, an amount you cannot afford to lose.


We are here to answer your questions regarding this Offering. Please email us at with the Heading "REG A Questions".



Pay by PayPal or Credit Card: This Offering is not currently available.



Only Residents of New YorkGeorgia, and The District of Columbia may Subscribe.

Print, sign and email back to Header: "REG A Offering"


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