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Content Festival 

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2021 Award Recipients


Best Narrative Shorts

My Suicide Letter (United States)
Director: Dwayne Alistair Thomas
Run Time: 6:40

The Box (United States)
Director: Kutu Films
Run Time: 10:51

Best Animated Short

Censorship (United States)
Director:  Ron Hargrove
Run Time: 0:56

Best Experimental Short

The 8ugs R 7ruit (United States )
Director:  Daniel Criblez
Run Time: 6:29

Best Poetic Shorts

Cosmos of Hope (United States )
Director:   :  Vinay Kathuria
Run Time: 5:47

Sonder (United States)
Director: Viviane Fonseca
Run Time: 4:29

Lost Broadway (United States)
Director: : R. Christian Anderson
Run Time: 7:32

Top Music Video

Recipe for My Love (United States)
Director: Everything YT  
Run Time: 3:10


Best Student Film

Monsters (United States)
Director:  Jaidan Royal
Run Time: 7:05


Best Issue-Based Documentary

Sunset in Makoko (Nigeria)
Director:  Allen Onyige
Run Time: 21:24

Best Narrative Short

Till Sunset (Ghana)
Director:  Joseph Clef Aboah
Run Time: 10:50

Top Music Video

Hope (Mali)
Director: Marco Romano  
Run Time: 3:42




Best Feature Film

Sabado (Philippines)
Director:  Carlo Alvarez
Run Time: 1:58:29



Best Narrative Short
Extraordinaryvizitka Cheat Sheet for the Princess (Russian Federation)
Director:  Bukharov Vladimir
Run Time: 5:30


Top Music Video


Moon (Russian Federation)
Director:  Мария  Савельева
Run Time: 3:24



Best Narrative Shorts

Picnic (Ukraine)
Director: Vera Yakovenko 
Run Time: 9:25

Romance (Georgia)

Director: Georgi Tkemaladze

Run Time: 10:53

Best Comedic Short

Jokers (Ukraine)
Director:  Yuri Karabak
Run Time: 18:31


Top Music Video


My Name is Oly

Director: Aleksandra Kyger

Run Time: 4:30





Best Feature Film

Beyond Memory (Portugal)
Director: Miguel Babo  
Run Time: 1:49:56

Best Issue-Based Documentary

As Long as the Feed Carries (Greece)
Director:  Zahra Ahadi
Run Time: 22:12

Best Documentary About a Performing Artist

They Call Me BUSKER (Belgium)
Director:  Herman Marynissen
Run Time: 1:15:57

Best Narrative Shorts

The Others Time (France)
Director:  Vahid Karami
Run Time: 28:03

L’inversione dei poli (Italy)
Director:  Antonio Miorin
Run Time: 11:34

Best Animated Short

The Duel (United Kingdom)
Director:  Alistair Kerr
Run Time: 8:43

Best Poetic Short

Urban Noise (Turkey)
Director:  Alper Durmaz
Run Time: 9:47

Quick Reflection Award (Animation)

Relativ (Spain)
Director:  Javier Calvillo
Run Time: 1:36



Best Feature Film

On The Blue Canvas (India)
Director:  Chetan Singh
Run Time: 1:10:58

Best Narrative Shorts

Chillar (India)
Director:  Hari Pandit
Run Time: 15:07

It’s Good to See You Again (India)
Director:  Kundan Sad
Run Time: 10:42

Best Animated Short

A Tribute to Dali (India)
Director:   Mrigankasekhar Ganguly
Run Time: 5:11

Best Comedic Short

ELO (Pakistan)
Director:  Syed Saad Farrukh
Run Time: 28:30

Best Student Film

Director, Isn’t She? (Indonesia)
Director:  Surya Gemilang
Run Time: 21:44



Best Feature Films

I zohreh (Iran)
Director:  Siamak Ebrahimi
Run Time: 1:14:28

Paradise (Iran)
Director:  American Brightlight
Run Time: 1:20:56

Best Documentary About an Artisan

Farrash (Iran)
Director:  Mohammad Mehdi
Run Time: 5:13

Best Mini Documentary

Family Typewriter (Israel)
Director:  Hannah Anzi
Run Time: 5:49

Best Narrative Shorts

Metamorphisis (Iran)
Director:   Mahdi Javadifam
Run Time: 10:33

The Scent of Night (Iran)
Director:   Hassan Mokhtari
Run Time: 9:08

The Last Station (Syria)

Not on Channel
Director:   Haydar Slyteen
Run Time: 12:48

Best Animated Shorts

Balance (Iran)
Director:  Barzan Rostami
Run Time: 2:35

Who Knows (Iran)
Director:  Sadegh Ghasemi
Run Time: 1:56

Flight (Iran)
Director:  Sadegh Ghasemi
Run Time: 7:24

Seasons of Grapes (Iran)
Director:  Farzane Ghobadi
Run Time: 5:10

Quick Reflection Awards

Puzzle (Iran)
Director:  :  Ali Ghoroghi
Run Time: 1:40

Selfis (Iran)
Director:  Mehdi Karimian Shahzadeh Aliakbari
Run Time: 1:40






Best Documentary About an Artisan

Luthiers (Brazil)
Director:  Poli Guimarães
Run Time: 27:08

Best Narrative Short

Mondo Cane (Brazil)
Director:  Paulinho Azevedo
Run Time: 11:58

Migrant (Argentina)
Director:  Ezequiel Dalinger
Run Time: 5:38

Best Abstract Short

(Possible) Body (Argentina)
Director:  Cuerpo Posible
Run Time: 24:10

Best Poetic Short
Hanan Hurin (Ecuador)
Director:  José Cardoso
Run Time: 15:34

Best Mixed Genre Short

Air (Argentina)
Director:  Ivan Varela
Run Time: 5:12

Best Scene Performance

Wish it were Stanislavski (Brazil)
Director:  Matheus Fabry
Run Time: 7:14

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